Warrior Dash Conquered… Sights Now Set On the Swampfoot 4 Mile

Warrior Dash Conquered… Sights Now Set On the Swampfoot 4 Mile

Several of the Slaughter Boot Camp crew completed last weekends Warrior Dash.  Overall an excellent showing by the troops taking 42nd, 169th, 504th, 723rd, 751st, and 1512th out of 10,500+ racers.

Congrats Warriors!

Congrats to the Slaughter Boot Camp crew! Training at Metro Detroits most chalenging boot camp pays off!

Celebration time is over though… it’s now time to prepare for the Swampfoot 4 Mile battle!  Last years Swampfoot was a blast but this year is looking to be even more challenging.  Swampfoot has added a few more obstacles that ought to intensify the race (and give us big guys a better shot at catching the fast skinny runners).

Just check out this video to see how much fun you’re going to have:



Now if you need some help training for the swampfoot you’ve come to the right place!  Slaughter Boot Camp training focuses on cardio endurance, speed, and strength – all in a single 60 minute workout!  Evening classes are held Tuesday and Thursday at 6:30PM.

If you’re already in shape that’s great… then consider coming out to the morning Slaughter Boot Camp sessions (5:15AM Tuesday and Thursdays).   The morning sessions are designed for athletes in great physical condition.  Evening classes are tough… but morning classes are BRUTAL!  Metro Detroit’s most challenging boot camp class gets it’s inspiration from the Navy Seals “Hell Week” – that’s the kind of intensity we look to generate out on the field.

Here’s how to join the most challenging, most rewarding, and most FUN boot camp class Metro Detroit offers

Oh yea… one more thing…. THIS IS DESIGNED TO HURT!!  If your heart isn’t pounding with sweat pouring off your face 15 minutes into class… then it isn’t a boot camp!