If you THINK you’re too “out of shape” to join slaughter boot camp, then you need this training more than you realize

The most common excuse I hear when I invite new recruits to the Slaughter Boot Camp is

“I need to get in shape first”

Well let me tell you somthin’ bubba… that’s EXACTLY why you NEED to join the Slaughter ASAP.

Look at your belly.

Is it fat?

Are you happy with it?

I’m guessing no.

So you have either one of two problems.

Problem one is a knowledge problem.  Either you’re totally clueless about what exercises and training to perform… or what you think you know is total baloney.

Problem two is an execution problem.  Maybe you do know what you’re SUPPOSED to be doing as far as nutrition and exercise goes.  But you ain’t doing it.

If you’re fat or unfit or just unhappy with your appearance, it comes right down to one of these two problems.

And I don’t care which one you suffer from.  Sarge has the prescription that cures both.

It’s a two step solution

  1. Show up to the Slaughter Boot Camp
  2. Survive.  You don’t have to finish first.  You don’t have to finish all your reps.  You don’t even have to run fast.  All you have to do is SURVIVE.

That’s your job.  My job is handling all the rest.

You show up to one or two Slaughter boot camps each week, perform a little homework, and you’ll be astonished at your body’s incredible transformation in just a few weeks.

You ready to make your body great again?


All you gotta do is show up.  No registration is necessary but I do request a courtesy email.  Here’s how to get here: http://slaughterbootcamp.com/Directions.html

Check Facebook.com/SlaughterBootCamp for current schedule

See you at the hill