The Nightmare is born

Yesterday I mentioned the current controversy. What’s worse: burpees or 8-count bodybuilders?

So Sarge put up a poll right here on Flakebook

One of our new recruits thus morning suggested that 8-count bodybuilders are worse than burpees. What do you think? What's worse – bodybuilders or burpees?

Posted by Slaughter Boot Camp Detroit on Thursday, May 10, 2018

Sarge thought for certain EVERYONE would vote for burpees. But… for what may possibly be the first time ever… Sarge was proven wrong!

Not 100% wrong

But wrong enough

You see, about one in three recruits hate bodybuilders more than burpees!

Did you make your voice heard?

If not you can still vote here

Anyway I want to comment on a couple things.


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One wise recruit who realized the futility of this quiz posted an equation:

Burpees = Suddenly attacked by shark

Bodybuilders = Slowly mauled by bear

Makes Sarge giggle

But the wisest of all recruits posted a GIF clipped from the Return of the Jedi where Admiral Ackbar realizes the death star is operational

“It’s a trap!”

The recruits have spoken

They say burpees are the worse

So guess what?

Next week Sarge will demand hella burpees

But don’t panic

Those of you who voted bodybuilders worst of all will certainly get your fill because we will unleash The Nightmare next week. The Nightmare could be the nastiest combination of burpees and bodybuilders and hills ever devised

If you’re sharting your britches perhaps this is a week you wanna skip

Otherwise if you’re in for this kind of training that makes your body great again… I’m your huckleberry

The Nightmare unleashed Tuesday

Morning or night.

You choose

No charge for your first class

After that it’s $5 a session on the honor system. Or you can pay $25 for the month

Here’s where you go:


Tuesday: 5:15AM and 6:45PM*
Thursday: 5:15AM only

See you at the hill,


*This week I only had one fella interested in evening class. I need more than that. So if you’re coming out let me know else I’m gonna cancel Tuesday nights.

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