Metro Dash Race in Flint Michigan Cancelled. But here is a tougher boot camp style race to take its place

Flint Michigan Metro Dash Cancelled

Just received the news minutes ago the Flint Michigan Metro Dash Race (scheduled June 2nd) has been canceled. Slaughter Boot Camp members are all bummed out because this would have been a true test of our muscular endurance.

We had several teams registered and matched up head-to-head.  The winners would have won bragging rights for the year. And bragging rights are far more valuable than a t-shirt, viking hat, or a trophy.

That’s the bad news.  But I’m writing to share with you some GREAT news:

Announcing a Michigan boot camp challenge to replace Metro Dash!

Now bear with me guys.  I am flying by the seat of my pants.  Making this up as I go along. Like I mentioned earlier I just learned minutes ago Metro Dash was canceled. But I wanted to get something out there quick before any die hard extreme racers slit their wrists in frustration…

You may be aware of Detroit Slaughter Boot Camp Ultimate Boot Camp Challenges.  We’re holding challenge #2 this Saturday (May 12) actually.  The Slaughters Ultimate Boot Camp challenge isn’t a race, though.  It’s a survival.  You win if you just survive.

What I’m proposing to replace the Metro Dash is a Slaughter Ultimate Boot Camp Challenge style event (on June 2nd) but with timed and measured drills. Your performance will be measured and scored.  Whoever has the highest score at the end of the day wins the challenge.

Here are some ideas what I’m thinking:

  • Timed mile run (flat)
  • Timed toboggan hill runs
  • Timed double stair loop run
  • Time to 100 pushups
  • Time to 100 sit ups
  • Time to 25 coffee grinders
  • Time to 50 burpees
  • Timed 200 stair log/pack carry
  • Timed uphill sprint
  • Timed river crossing
  • 50 consecutive body builders (pass/fail)
  • Competitive suicides (bracket win/lose)
  • Timed hill crab walks
  • Timed hill bear crawls

How will scoring work for this boot camp challenge?

Don’t know for sure yet.  But it’ll be some sort of point system. Or maybe even a “skins” type scoring system in golf.  For sure, the scoring will be set up to give meat-heads a competitive chance next to the skin and bones runners.  So even if you can’t run a 4-minute mile, or do any more than 20 push ups in a week, you still have a fighting chance to take home the crown.

And if we have enough race entrants we’ll split it up between male/female victors.

Again, I’m flying by the seat of my pants here. Nothing is set in stone.  I’d love to hear your opinion so contact us to give feedback or make your voice heard on our Facebook page.

The event would start somewhere in the realm of 7:00-8:00am June 2nd and would be held at Bloomer Park in Rochester Hills, mi.

Now that I think about it…

This boot camp event could be tougher than the Flint, Michigan Metro Dash. So it could be a good thing it was cancelled.

So if your interested, “Like” us on Facebook, send me an email, and subscribe to our newsletter by putting your email address in at the upper right.  I’ll keep you posted and I’ll have a signup sheet soon.

Thanks –


P.S.  Ok, maybe I’m crazy and all of you are HAPPY the Metro Dash was cancelled.  Because, after all, that means you have to get off your butt and sweat on a Saturday morning.  If that’s true then it looks like I’m doing this all by myself!