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    Sichuan Neijiang Huixin Pharmaceutical Co.,Ltd is a technology-based professional drug manufacturer in Sichuan Province, the national high-tech enterprise and China's mainly manufacturer of Vitamin D2. The company has strong technology development capacities and production technologies as well as international advanced quality testing facilities. It produces 3,000kg of vitamin D2 per year.

    The company passed the GMP certification in 2004 and 2009 respectively, passed the national QS certification in September 2012, passed the ISO9001 and ISO22000 food safety certification in November 2013 and passed the new GMP certification in 2014. It has KOSHER and HALAL certificates. Its Vitamin D2 products were rated new technological products by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China and listed as high-quality technological products and awarded with the certificate by the French science and technology quality supervision and evaluation committee. Its Vitamin D2 products won numerous international and domestic awards of high quality product and won the “Flying Goddess Award” in Food Ingredients China. Its well-known international brand “Gold Mountain” has been registered in the United States, Britain, Germany, Denmark, Russia, Australia, Japan, Korea, India and other countries. Its Vitamin D2 products are being registered by India and Russia. It has submitted the EDMF file to the European Union. Currently it is preparing to pass the COS certification.

    Its “Gold Mountain” vitamin D2 products use natural plants as raw material and adopt biotechnology in refining. Its product quality is in line with CP2015 version, BP2014 version, USP40 version and EP8.8 version of standard. The newly developed water-soluble vitamin D2 and vitamin D2 oil has been accepted widely by European and American customers. Its products are sold to Asia, Europe, America and other countries and regions.

    The company pursues the tenet of “striving for survival and development on the basis of quality and technology”. It is looking forward to cooperating with domestic and international peers and customers and working for the benefit of mankind.

    Add:No.188,Linchang Road, Baima Town, Neijiang, Sichuan, China  蜀ICP備05031241號   Sichuan Neijiang Huixin Pharmacy Co.,Ltd.  All rights reserved.   Tel:0832-8781104  0832-5079510  0832-5079508   Fax:0832-8781144