The Nightmare is born

Yesterday I mentioned the current controversy. What’s worse: burpees or 8-count bodybuilders? So Sarge put up a poll right here on Flakebook One of our new recruits thus morning suggested that 8-count bodybuilders are worse than burpees. What do you think? What's worse – bodybuilders or burpees? Posted by Slaughter Boot Camp Detroit on Thursday, May…

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Thanksgiving day boot camp 2015

Get a free Slaughter Boot Camp session

Are you ready to make your body great again? Slaughter Boot Camp is an outdoor group training bootcamp. High intensity interval training. Get a free session here  

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2018 Classes

2018 Classes will start as soon as the weather cooperates. Most likely we’ll stick with the same schedule from last year (TENTATIVE): Tuesdays: 5:15AM and 6:45PM Thursdays:  5:15AM Weekly schedule and plan will be sent out via email. Register for Slaughter Boot Camp classes here. First one is free. No catches. No Contracts. No hassles.…

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